In March of 2020 we at Dixon’s set sail to help the community purchase Heath Canada approved sanitizer. As prices sky rocked we were able to provide affordable pricing to everyone and donations to help hospitals, doctors offices and our local community.

July of 2020 we were able to fully commit to the manufacturing and selling sanitizer by producing a sister company that we now know as DX Sanitizing and Disinfectant Products. As time went on, December of 2020 the team than produced a disinfectant and our line grew and increased from there.

March of 2021 DX was now facing a re branding, changing everything! from labels, to names. Dixon’s Sanitizer was changed to DX70 and Dixon’s Disinfectant was changed to DX99. Labels were updated and changed to fit the new look and new Health Canada standards.

The world is constantly changing and we, at DX are here to help!

While providing a trusted relationship with all our customers, we provide a reliable and trusted product that works!

Use DX70 and DX99 to keep yourself and everyone around you safe, WE are all in this together.